2016 Pacific Energy Summit

The seventh annual Pacific Energy Summit, “Sustainable Futures: Energy and Environmental Security in Times of Transition,” was held in Singapore, from June 22 to 24, 2016. The Summit convened an exclusive group of leaders from 20 countries across government, business, and research organizations to address how countries in the Asia-Pacific can embrace the opportunity provided by energy abundance to deepen cooperation toward collaborative and sustainable energy and environmental policies for the long term.

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Central to the Summit’s mission is to provide an opportunity to focus on the particular energy story of the host country and explore how the country’s policies tie into global energy and environmental outlooks.

The 2016 Summit took place at a potential turning point for regional energy cooperation, which made Singapore an ideal host given both its policy leadership and its centrality as a dynamic hub for energy trade and business in Asia. As a “smart city” and “smart energy” pioneer, Singapore is a regional leader on innovation and on market-based economic policies, and is working to secure its potential role as a regional gas market hub.

Holding the 2016 Summit in Singapore allowed for broader discussion of the potential for regional collaboration on energy and environmental issues.

At Singapore, the Summit participants discussed:

  • Near-Term Plenty, Long-Term Risk: Market Outlooks in an Era of Abundance
  • South and Southeast Asia: Emerging Giants in Global Energy Markets
  • Implications of Low Oil Prices on Post Paris Climate Ambitions
  • Tackling Water Insecurity for Sustainable Development
  • The Road to Urbanization: Smart Cities, Efficient Transportation, and Cleaner Air
  • The Future of Energy Demand
  • Realities and Aspirations for Balancing Coal, Gas, and Nuclear Energy Options
  • Closing the Investment Gap: Financing Energy and Environmental Targets

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