Our Impact

Impact top imageWhile economies in the Asia-Pacific continue to experience high-level growth, energy demand is increasing faster in this region than anywhere else in the world. The urgency of meeting energy demand across the Asia-Pacific to sustain the economic growth that has lifted millions out of poverty, while safeguarding the environment and climate, demands cooperation and collaboration across nations, sectors, and research areas.


“The spirit of the energy sector that we see at the Pacific Energy Summit is that there really has to be international cooperation in order to have success.“

Admiral Dennis Blair
Chairman of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA;
Member, NBR Board of Directors;

Summit Advisor, Pacific Energy Summit


The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR) launched the Pacific Energy Summit in 2009 as part of its overall mission as a nonprofit, nonpartisan institution to strengthen and inform policy on issues affecting U.S. relations with Asia. The Summit is organized by NBR’s Trade, Economic, and Energy Affairs group to foster collaborative solutions to common challenges facing the United States in these areas.

Each year, the Summit addresses core themes related to energy and environmental challenges across the Asia-Pacific, guided by the following goals.

Bringing Depth to High-Level Discourse

We facilitate frank exchange of information and perspectives by bringing together leading policymakers, industry representatives, and research specialists in a high-trust setting.

Focus on Market-Based Solutions

We are committed to finding practical and tenable approaches to energy and environmental challenges. The world needs realistic solutions based in an informed understanding of the economic and environmental needs of the region, and the Summit strives to provide this essential foundation for a productive discussion.

Collaborative and Interactive Experience

We embrace the diverse expertise of all participants by encouraging dialogue before, during, and after the program itself. Participation is limited to ensure concrete discussions and a high-quality exchange of ideas and expertise.

For more information, download the Pacific Energy Summit Brochure.