Activities & Publications


Throughout the year, the Secretariat conducts independent research, expert interviews and high-level meetings which provide in-depth analysis of key issues that define energy security demands and solutions. These activities aim to strengthen ties across the region and ensure that informed energy and environment policy decisions are made at the national and subnational level.

These research activities and publications include:

Summit Working Papers

Each year, the Summit commissions a series of policy papers related to the Summit theme as a resource for stakeholders.  Advance copies of the papers are provided to participants in the lead-up to the Summit to frame and inform discussion.

Expert Interviews

The Secretariat and its partners publish interviews with select experts over the course of the year, as an additional resource and catalyst for Summit discussions.

Annual Summit Reports

Following the conclusion of the Summit, the Secretariat publishes a final report summarizing key discussion points and findings. The report is made available online and is distributed to key stakeholders in the region. Briefings with key stakeholders and policymakers are held in Washington, D.C., and across the region to further explore finding from Summit.