Summit Working Papers


To inform plenary sessions and prompt thought-provoking discussion, the Pacific Energy Summit organizers commission policy papers from top experts.


“I [distributed] NBR’s paper on social license [from the 2013 Summit] to several ministers at a major energy and environment meeting in my country. The paper inspired me to rethink Myanmar’s government collaboration with private companies around coal-fired power plants, and it helped me convince my government to rethink public regulation of private partners in this field..”

U Thein Lwin
Secretary, Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation Committee, Pyithu Hluttaw (Lower House of Parliament), Myanmar



Sustainable Futures: Energy and Environmental Security in Times of Transition

Coal, Gas, or Nuclear: Asia’s Inconvenient Energy Choice
Mark Thurber, Stanford University

The Impact of Low Oil Prices on Natural Gas and the Implications for the Asia-Pacific
Xunpeng Shi, Energy Studies Institute at the National University of Singapore

The Role of Transportation in the Future of Urban Developing Asia: A Case Study of India
Srikanth Shastry, World Resources Institute
Madhav Pai, World Resources Institute


Download working papers from past Summits below.


Strengthening Markets for Energy and Environmental Security

Enabling Clean-Coal Technologies in Emerging Asia
Han Phoumin, Economic Research Institute for ASEAN

Gas in Asia: From Regional Premium to Global Commodity?
Peter Hughes and Daniel Muthmann, global gas partners gmbh

China’s Market-Oriented Reforms in the Energy and Environmental Sectors
Chinese Translation
An Bo, Zhou Aiming, and Zhou Wei, Asian Development Bank; and Lin Weibin, China Energy Research Society


Charting the Course to a Secure and Cleaner Energy Future

Multilateral Cooperation in Asia’s Nuclear Sector: Prospects for Growth and Safety
James E. Platte, Pacific Forum CSIS

A Green Vision vs. a Brown Outlook: The Future of ASEAN’S Energy Mix
Xunpeng Shi, National University of Singapore

Moving Toward Greater Collaboration: Challenges and Tasks of Energy Cooperation in Northeast Asia
Sungkyu Lee and Ahhyun Park, Korea Energy Economics Institute


Forging Trans-Pacific Cooperation for a New Energy Era

Energy-Efficiency Policies in the Asia-Pacific: Can We Do Better?
Tilak K. Doshi and Nahim Bin Zahur, Energy Studies Institute, National University of Singapore

Implications of North American LNG Exports for Asia’s Pricing Regime
Shahriar Fesharaki, FACTS Global Energy

Forging a New Trans-Pacific Energy Trade: Opportunities and Challenges
Mikkal E. Herberg, NBR; University of California, San Diego

Social License to Operate: How to Get It, and How to Keep It
Brian F. Yates, SNC Lavalin Environment; and Celesa L. Horvath, Ventus Development Services Inc.


Innovative Generation: Powering a Prosperous Asia

Powering Asia’s Growth: Meeting Rising Electricity Needs
Mikkal E. Herberg, NBR; University of California, San Diego

Electricity at the Right Price
Donald Hertzmark, DMP Resources

First Principles: Technology as an Enabler for Productive Power Markets
Peter Hughes, Scott Hare, and Maite Pina, Ricardo Strategic Consulting

Case Study on Power Sector Restructuring in Vietnam
Nguyen Anh Tuan, Institute of Energy, Vietnam

Prospects for Nuclear Energy in Asia
Hooman Peimani, Energy Studies Institute

Taking Renewable Energy to Scale in Asia
Letha Tawney, World Resources Institute

Principles of Successful Expansion of Rural Electrification Programs
Daniel Waddle, NRECA International


Unlocking the Potential of Natural Gas in the Asia-Pacific

Natural Gas in Asia: History and Prospects
Mikkal E. Herberg, NBR; University of California, San Diego

Asian Natural Gas: Supply, Infrastructure and Pricing Issues
James Jensen, Jensen Associates

Evolving Roles of LNG and Asian Economies in Global Natural Gas Markets
Hiroshi Hashimoto, Institute of Energy Economics, Japan

Europe’s Evolving Gas Market: Future Direction and Implications for Asia
Peter Hughes, Ricardo Strategic Consulting

Unconventional Gas and Implications for the LNG Market
Alexis Aik and Christopher Gascoyne, Facts Global Energy